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An active step

US company BionX Medical Technologies produces the world’s only active prosthetic foot which is commercially available on the market – the Empower. With the acquisition of BionX, Ottobock is continuing to build on its position as world market leader in the field of prosthetics.

A further development of the familiar BiOM, the Empower imitates the functions of the lost muscles and tendons via an actively driven ankle joint and ensures that the user is supported by an additional energy supply when walking. The movable ankle joint adjusts itself to varying speeds and terrains. The prosthetic foot also provides the user with the exact level of propulsion they need for every step.

Hugh Herr, the founder of BionX, is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). BionX’s company headquarters and production site are both located in the Boston area. The acquisition of the company is strengthening the ties between Ottobock and the Boston research community.

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