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bebionic multi-articulated hand prosthesis

Ottobock expands portfolio

With the purchase of the bebionic, Ottobock has expanded its portfolio to include a multi-articulated hand that features five separately moveable fingers. The company is further strengthening its leading market position in upper limb prosthetics with this move. The ability to move several fingers also plays a key role in view of the increasingly digital world of work and recreation. The bebionic offers the technical preconditions for 14 gripping patterns, while isolating the index finger makes it possible to operate keyboards, for example.

Myoelectric prostheses such as the bebionic will soon achieve their full capabilities with the principle of pattern recognition. The goal is to develop a prosthesis control system that is able to reproduce the user’s movement patterns. Ottobock is already leading this field with the research work being carried out at its Vienna location.

The bebionic is a new highlight in Ottobock’s product range, along with the proven Michelangelo Hand.

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