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Mecuris moves orthopaedic care into the digital world by bringing together 3D technologies into one intuitive solution platform. Physicians and orthopaedic technicians are thus empowered to 3D-print patient-specific prostheses & orthoses without prior 3D design or 3D printing know-how. The Mecuris solution platform uses patient images like CT or 3D scans as well as photos or plain measurements, to semi-automatically individualise 3D designs of patient aids and make them ready-to-print at a local 3D printing hub. This enables a 100% customised fit and cuts production times by 75% for medical practitioners and patients - at reimburseable costs.

Visit us at or follow us at for regular updates on our progress in making patient aids more personalised.

Products and services

Mecuris will showcase their solution platform that enables easy configuration & individualisation of patient aids for 3D printing purposes. Products already enabled by this online platform will be on display:

  • FirStep: award-winning prosthetic foot for children
  • NexStep: prosthetic foot for adults (CE certified up to 125kg in patient weight)
  • Mecuris cover: prosthetic cover ("fairing", cosmetic)
  • Modular BK prosthesis: NexStep prosthetic foot + ProsFit BK Socket + prosthetic cover (optional) + pyramid adaptor and connector (all components CE certified)
  • Water-proof prosthetics
  • Orthotics applications: e.g. AFOs, cervical orthotics

All products are:

  • 3D-printed and therefore 100% patient-specific
  • reimbursed by the (German) insurance
  • co-developed by established CPOs and partners

Mecuris also hosts a workshop on Tuesday, May 7th, 5:15-6pm on "Designing your own 3D-printable patient aid in 15 minutes". Participants receive 50% off their first order.

FirStep + NexStep Prosthetic Feet

FirStep + NexStep Prosthetic Feet

The FirStep for children and NexStep for adults are the world’s first 3D-printed prosthetic feet. They enable CPOs to customise a white-labelled foot exactly to the demands of their patients.

The NexStep features:
- Design options like size, patient weight, roll-over behaviour, colour and more
- CE marking for Mobi3/K3 patients up to 125kg per ISO 10328
- Energy return of 84.8% (toe) / 88.8% (heel)

The FirStep provides very high mobility to children (Mobi 4, K4).

Design Prosthesis "Pangolin"

Design Prosthesis "Pangolin"

The award-winning "Pangolin" BK prosthetic shows the future of prosthetics: A bionic, lightweight yet powerful design.

Designer Clemens Rieth commented on the "Pangolin":
"Progress and strengths are naturally expressed by wide-spanning surfaces and arches. Common forms are insufficiently complex to display the possibilities offered by additive manufacturing.
The structure is a wrapped surface, which is immersed in itself. It seems complex, yet fragile.”

Modular 3D-Printed BK Prosthesis

Modular 3D-Printed BK Prosthesis

This leg combines customised components from the two leading enablers of 3D-printed lower limb prosthetics, Mecuris and ProsFit. The foot as well as the socket are laser sintered and CE certified, to withstand high patient activity.
- Mecuris NexStep prosthetic foot
- ProsFit BK socket
An optional Mecuris prosthetic cover can be attached to protect the leg and combine a natural shape with a modern look.

News & Innovations

Mecuris Sells World’s 1st 3D-printed Prosthetics with CE mark 

The NexStep and its offspring, the FirStep for children, are the world’s 1st 3D-printed prosthetic feet, offering a fast & customised solution for every amputee. The medical certification marks the end of the prototyping stage and kicks off the market launch of the NexStep.

A first pair of CE-certified prosthetic feet was digitally tailored to a patient only a week ago. The resulting CAD models were then produced in a certified 3D printing hub. Now, they will be sent to a medical professional practicing in Eastern Europe for the treatment of a young and active double-amputee. The patient was surprised about the quick delivery, as he usually had to wait 2-3 months for an individual prosthesis. Mecuris long-term goal is to ship custom prosthetics within 48 hours.

Full read:

O&P professionals are invited to join the “Design your own 3D-printable prosthetic in 15 min” workshop at ISPO (Tue, May 9th, 5:15-6pm).


Mecuris GmbH
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Phone: +49 170 2972733

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